v6.0 release notes

Hi guys! Welcome to a great update and we hope you enjoy with the new features. As always, we welcome your feedback.

  • A new icon ;)
  • Brightness adjustment needed improving, so we developed our own Exposure filter.
  • Highlights adjustment renewed with our own formula.
  • Shadows adjustment optimized.
  • A more subtle “Clarity” adjustment. Our previous one was very good one too so we are keeping it as “Enhance” adjustment.
  • We have added a new filter and optimized the current ones.
  • New overlays.
  • Overlays have an opacity slider now.
  • You can long press on photo to see the original image.
  • UI improvements.

A realistic starburst overlay

before after

A prism overlay

before after

Photo credit: Jessica Felicio

Enjoy DeluxeFX!